Our Company


Knowing Us:



Rooted for years in the field of flowers, in the area of Agrinio and in Western Greece widely, the Fancy Flowers Company was founded by three experienced florists who have much experience in their field.

Having observed a lack of fresh and superior flower species in the area of Agrinio and in Western Greece widely, they founded the Fancy Flowers Company in 2007, a wholesale firm , which imports flowers from all over the world. The wholesale is mainly based on flowers imported from Holland . We import many species of flowers, like roses, the most common of them and other superior species also. It depends on the circumstances. The collaboration focuses only on companies which are interested in wholesale purchases.





Distribution network:



Since 2007, we have reached to create a serious and fast contribution network of wholesale of flowers in the area of Agrinio and the region of West Greece : regional unit of Aetolia-Acarnania (Agrinio, Missolonghi, Naupactus ) , regional unit of Preveza (Preveza), Regional unit of Arta (Arta) and regional unit of Lefkada (Lefkada).

Our intention and goal is to expand our sales and the distribution of flowers to as many Greek regions as it possible, with priority to a fast and reliable deliver, maintaining the freshness of imported flowers.



Considering the competition and the satisfaction of your needs to the maximum, we are vigilant. Attending Flower exhibitions constantly, in Greece, Italy and Netherlands, we get informed about new products and current global preferences. In this way we achieve an excellent collaboration with our clients, we create new ideas and suggestions always keeping up with the market. Since 2007, customer retention have reached 100% , because we have achieved to convert new customers into loyal clients, so we possess one of the most stable customer lists.

Based on the triptych service-quality-competition, we offer to our customers the best products and we constantly improve our knowledge so as to become more and more competitive. The flowers arrive at your florist fresh because we have managed to minimize any loss due to our excellent distribution network. Our priority is high quality, both in imports and delivery.