You are on the page where you can place an order from Fancy Flowers e-shop from Holland. Above the text, there is the field in which you enter your username and password. We send the password and the username to you in a really simple way.

From the tab communication you can send us an email or you can call us to give you your passwords. Moreover, you can get your personal codes by filling the interest form. Codes are unique for each user. We collaborate only with clients who are interested in wholesale purchases.

Step by step


Smiley face  Enter the codes we have already sent to you in the login form and sign in. Automatically, you are transferred to the Dutch e-shop of the company we collaborate with

Smiley face  You can find there all the available varieties of flowers from A to Z as well as the available quantities and the unit price.


Smiley face  When you’re logged in you can see the available items , their quantity and the unit price.

Smiley face  By clicking on the items you are interested in, you place the order you wish to. The order will be delivered at your store.

Smiley face  You can place an order from Monday to Wednesday .


The items you have chosen delivered to your store on Monday in excellent condition and fresh. If you have any question please contact us


Having placed your order up to Wednesday, you have to pay in advance by depositing the amount in our bank account up to Thursday , 12PM . For further information contact us.